Height: 164.5cm”

Weight: 58Kg

Foot Size: UK 6

Wrestling Bio

London-based session wrestler available for events, private matches, video matches, stag parties, and photographic work.

I take my fitness and training very seriously. I am trained in pro style, freestyle, submission,and BJJ techniques. All of which I am constantly making every effort to improve and refine.

Minxy’s Wish List

Here’s how other’s describe me:

‘Minxy’s just gorgeous in her photo’s but even more so in the flesh. …The next thing I know her brawny forearm is locked around my neck, Minxy giggling infectiously in my ear and forcing me to tap! – I was more weary after that but still stood small change against Minxy who is by all accounts an amazing wrestler – quick to adapt to any move I made – using her strong arms and legs to wrap me in chokes and scissors.’

‘I was at Monica’s tournament today and was incredibly impressed by your fights.  You looked dynamite and were phenomenally exciting and a joy watch. You gave as good or better than you got in some tough rough matches and were not afraid to turn up the pressure when required. You really were the star of yesterday and I so loved your style and the feeling that you would not hesitate to ratchet up the pressure and pain in you needed to.’

‘Minxy-Li’s strong weight trained body is matched only by her effervescent personality. Short and powerful of build, she takes her gym conditioning very seriously and always works very hard to advance her wrestling skills to make sure she has new-found skills and tricks to use on you!’ 

‘Minxy is no stranger to wrestling. She’s a strong body builder, experienced, and loves nothing better than to grind her opponents into the mats. ‘.

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