Goodbye LWS

Social media, forums and phone handsets are all on fire worldwide right about now. The news is out. London Wrestling Studio had picked up its mats, and closed its doors.

It is a sad time. The end of an era. But, also the start of a new one.

I thank Honey for all of her support, friendship, patience and advice over the last 30 months. Being signed up by Honey was a pivoting point in my life and made it what it is today. I have had great fun, made lots of solid friends and worked with some great people in the business. Wrestling has empowered me, and provided me with a¬†freedom which¬†other jobs just can’t deliver. I gained so much with Honey supporting and encouraging me all the way. She was my manager, my friend and my mentor.

Although our careers are now at a fork in the road, we may no longer be working together, but we will continue our friendship.

Thank you Honey for making me laugh; get mad; get even (with the opponents); get beaten up (by Hungarians); for posting such unflattering photos; and for just always being there.

I wish Honey all the best in her future endeavours. Here’s to our 2015!

Some LWS moments and memories. This quantity of photos does not even chip the iceberg of experiences and moments shared and made in the LWS studio and family.


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