Minxy vs A Big Jessy Pt I & II

Apollo, a cocky young male wrestler has been paid to wrestle an unknown opponent. He’s had a bad day, and is looking forward to taking it out on someone. When Minxy Li shows up for her wrestling match, Apollo scoffs at the thought of wasting his time wrestling a female. Minxy insists the match happens, and Apollo goes ahead.  Immediately Minxy takes control of the match and Apollo. She dominates and humiliates her male opponent in endless locks and holds. Apollo doesn’t like it, but he is powerless.

In part II, Apollo’s suffering goes on. Minxy continues to dominate, humiliate and verbally insult the young arrogant wrestler. His pain and suffering are clearly indicated on his face, and Minxy’s joy is just as visible on her face. Minxy finally wears Apollo down until he is unconscious. Then as promised, Minxy carries him out the door and off to the nearest hospital.

Part I & Part II available to purchase now.

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