Minxy v Uzi Competitive Match Clip

Uzi is a tall strong novice wrestler. Uzi has long strong powerful legs and a determined fighting spirit. She is apprehensive prior to the match, but quickly gets into a fighting frame of mind. Minxy is determined to maintain the domination and not give the game away to Uzi. In what bears the features of a squash match, you can watch the headlocks, chokes and arm locks and Uzi fighting her way through it all. Buy match clip here.


Minxy vs Athena – Pins and Submissions Match

New clip release available from WCCW!

A match between Athena and I, in which we have to attemt to get the most submissions in two timed rounds.

In the producers own words ‘while it wasnt the most impressive style of wrestling it was the most effective in this match as she was able to get the win’. Watch it for yourself.


September Newsletter and Travel Details

Minxy’s World September 2015
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September in Minxy’s World
Coming up this month:

More wrestling lays ahead for me, both home and away.

This month I will be shooting a pin match wrestling clip with my very first custom clip co-star Miss Louise Kay. It has been a while since I have seen this former Essex girl, and I am looking forward to working with her again.


We will be doing lots of pins to the slow count of 20 and a few classic pro style backbreakers too. Eeek! Take a look at some of the images below. They are a mere selection of the moves which I will be applying, or suffering.

If you would like your very own custom clip featuring Louise Kay and myself or any other available wrestler this month, please email: info@minxyli.com with your script enquiry.

Travel Plans

This month I am taking my wrestling back on the road. I have confirmed trips to Northern Spain and Paris this month. Paris dates are: 24-28 September. I will be staying in a hotel in the city centre close to Opera and Galleries Lafayette, and Villepinte Parc de Espositio.

In Spain (15-18 September), I will be catching up some valuable suntanning time (any excuse to wear a bikini), in Lloret de Mar, which is approx 75 km from Barcelona.

I will be available for limited sessions in both locations. I will be happy to do:

  • Custom Clips
  • Domination
  • Fantasy
  • Semi Comp
  • Comp sessions (subject to opponents weight, size, experience)
  • Foot worship
  • Muscle worship

*Please inform me of any outfits I will need to bring with me prior to these dates, otherwise you will have to bring garments with you, or be happy for me to choose from what I have with me.

Sessions are 230 Euro for one hour, or 150 Euro for 30 mins. Please note I will only be attending 1 hour sessions in Spain. Please do not be offended when I request a deposit and reference. Deposit payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

To book your Paris or Spain session, email: info@minxy.li.com

Other travel plans to be confirmed for October will be Oslo, Norway. Keep an eye on all session websites , minxyli.com, and social media for final details.

In all other news, wrestling sessions and production work are going well. I had some fun at Venom’s monthly training session at AF UK last weekend. We did lots of pummeling with bear hugs and scissor sparring. There are some new girls in the wings and newbies, such as Amethyst Hammerfist, and my good friend Justice. We all got put through our paces, but we were sure to enjoy a deserved drink in a beer garden post training.

This week I will be available for sessions on 11th & 12th. So if you fancy your chances; drop me an email: info@minxyli.com

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Minxy vs A Big Jessie

New clip on sale now

Minxy vs A Big Jessie pt II

Apollo’s suffering goes on. Minxy continues to dominate, humiliate and verbally insult the young arrogant wrestler. His pain and suffering are clearly indicated on his face, and Minxy’s joy is just as visible on her face. Minxy finally wears Apollo down until he is unconscious. Then as promised, Minxy carries him out the door and off to the nearest hospital.

Duration 17 mins

Cost: £8

Get it here

*Events* April 2015 – London and Belgium

I have two new event appearances this April (after a little injury rest period).

First one up is Monica’s event on April 4th.

The second event will be in Belgium April 11th, hosted by Anne Hurricane.

See both respective websites, or email for more information.

Monica’s Wrestling Centre Website

Email Anne Hurricaine: annehurricane2000@yahoo.fr

Monica's Event


Anne Huricain event

Goodbye LWS

Social media, forums and phone handsets are all on fire worldwide right about now. The news is out. London Wrestling Studio had picked up its mats, and closed its doors.

It is a sad time. The end of an era. But, also the start of a new one.

I thank Honey for all of her support, friendship, patience and advice over the last 30 months. Being signed up by Honey was a pivoting point in my life and made it what it is today. I have had great fun, made lots of solid friends and worked with some great people in the business. Wrestling has empowered me, and provided me with a freedom which other jobs just can’t deliver. I gained so much with Honey supporting and encouraging me all the way. She was my manager, my friend and my mentor.

Although our careers are now at a fork in the road, we may no longer be working together, but we will continue our friendship.

Thank you Honey for making me laugh; get mad; get even (with the opponents); get beaten up (by Hungarians); for posting such unflattering photos; and for just always being there.

I wish Honey all the best in her future endeavours. Here’s to our 2015!

Some LWS moments and memories. This quantity of photos does not even chip the iceberg of experiences and moments shared and made in the LWS studio and family.


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A Year in Pictures 2014

Thank you to all fans, followers, and most importantly; customers. Its been an action packed year. I have met lots of amazing indie wrestling people, home and away. Roll on next year for more fighting fun and action. Have a fab 2015. There will be more fights, filming and photos.

Go to clipstore.

New Clips Release: Minxy Vs The Red Devil II

Minxy re-visits the Female Fight Club Berlin. One year on, both wrestlers are keen to show each other their progress . They are an even match and both are as determined and competitive as they were the first time round.

Minxy Red 14 Ad

Click here to download clip

To enquire about this, other clips, or order your own custom made clip, please fill in the form below.

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New Clips Available for Download

Minxy Dominates Fredrick

Vs Fred 3

Young Fredrick and Minxy meet on the mats. He starts of strong and determined, but I fight hard to show him that I am the superior fighter. Here you will see me dominating, toying and humiliating my young opponent, using my strong choke holds, scissors, triangle, and the favourite camel clutch. Will he make it through to Part II? Clips store for Non UK residents available hereUK residents can visit my custom clip store here.

Venom’s Training School

Venoms Training School 2

No1 UK wrestler Venom holds a training class. She teaches Minxy her favourite submission moves. She demonstrates her lethal submissions on her favourite dummy male, and instructs Minxy to copy. Minxy can’t help being mean to the class dummy. She repeatedly kicks and punches him when Venom looks away, and doesn’t let go when the class dummy taps to be released from each hold. At the end of the lesson, Venom decides to follow Minxy’s suit, and makes the dummy suffer at both their hands (and double choke holds).

 Clips store for Non UK residents available hereUK residents can visit my custom clip store here.

Minxy vs Kristie Etzold: Domination Scissor Battle

Minxy Krisite Collage

Minxy meets Kristie Etzold in her home wrestling ring. Within minutes, we decide to take each other on in an epic battle of the best scissors. UK vs USA. Who really is the super power? I’m out sized, out numbered in years experience, but bursting with enthusiasm. Is this enough?

 Clips store for Non UK residents available hereUK residents can visit my custom clip store here.


Minxy & Kristie Dominate Headlock Harry

Minxy Kristie HH

Minxy teams up with Kristie Etzold in the ring, and together they bring down the oversized giant heckling Harry Headlock. He taunts and tries to battle the ladies, but the two female wrestlers show him who the stronger better fighters are. Minxy and Kristie use a combination of blows, punches, trampling, splashing, scissors, foot humiliation, and submissions to reduce Harry to a dazed wreck on the ground.

 Clips store for Non UK residents available hereUK residents can visit my custom clip store here.

Fill in the form below f you wish to book me for your own production shoot, or would like to order your very own bespoke custom clip.

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Post Berlin News

As some of you all may be aware, I recently revisited Berlin. Once again I met up with the formidable lady power lifter and wrestler, Anna Konda.

I had a great time. Anna kindly gave me a tour of her city and told me stories about her youth growing up in the GDR. It was a fascinating education. We visited a fitness centre and had a workout together. My weights seemed like biscuits compared to the numerous weights she was stacking! But I can take heart in the fact we were both definitely the strongest ladies in the building.

Then during the last  two days, we got down to business…

Once again I hit the mats with Anna, and with regards to a match report; the less said, the better. Following that warm up, I then hit the mats once again with Red Devil and two new light weight additions to Anna’s fight club. They are feisty, that is for sure!

Here are some screenshots from my roll with Red Devil and the new Female Fight Club Berlin light weights, and me and Anna testing our leg strength. (Poor Anna, she never stood a chance…)


Next morning I returned to the fight club, and Anna presented me with a male opponent to dismantle. How kind! The ultimate gift from a hostess. Anna filmed whilst I put a series of locks, holds and chokes on the struggling male. He put up a fight, but I took care of that. Finally to round everything off, Anna and I did a circuit of strength games. I am sure I won. Click here to purchase Mixny Dominates Fredrick Part I

All fem vs fem, and mixed domination matches , weight training session, and strength games video clips will be available online soon. You can visit my clip store if here if you are a non UK resident. UK residents can visit my custom clip store here.

Also in the meantime you can take a peek at our weight training work out preview below: