Stag Party Wrestling

Thinking of having an alternative boys night out to celebrate the imminent wedlock ceremony? Why not try something alternative to quad biking, paint balling, bar crawling etc? Wrestling stag parties have been going for years, and are always a guaranteed fun party for the stag and his entourage. Whether it is just the stag who wrestles while his friends and family look on, or everyone jumps in and rises to the challenge of me and my sidekicks taking them on.

Come as you are, or dress up in your best costume for the occasion (the more exciting the outfit, the better the photographs to remember the great way a single man waved good bye to his bachelor days). You can bring your own alcohol, and music playlist, or let us play our own music.

I can bring the stag party to you (providing you have the location with suitable space), or you can bring your party to me in one of my London Locations. Just state your preference. I do not work alone, I have a bevvy of beautiful sidekicks who I can bring to the party too. The more party goers, the more ladies I will bring!

So if you want a legendary night out/stag do, just email or fill in the online form here, and tell me how I can tailor your very own end of single era.

Click here to visit Wrestling Stag Parties website.


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