A Year in Pictures 2014

Thank you to all fans, followers, and most importantly; customers. Its been an action packed year. I have met lots of amazing indie wrestling people, home and away. Roll on next year for more fighting fun and action. Have a fab 2015. There will be more fights, filming and photos.

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New Clips Release: Minxy Vs The Red Devil II

Minxy re-visits the Female Fight Club Berlin. One year on, both wrestlers are keen to show each other their progress . They are an even match and both are as determined and competitive as they were the first time round.

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Post Berlin News

As some of you all may be aware, I recently revisited Berlin. Once again I met up with the formidable lady power lifter and wrestler, Anna Konda.

I had a great time. Anna kindly gave me a tour of her city and told me stories about her youth growing up in the GDR. It was a fascinating education. We visited a fitness centre and had a workout together. My weights seemed like biscuits compared to the numerous weights she was stacking! But I can take heart in the fact we were both definitely the strongest ladies in the building.

Then during the last  two days, we got down to business…

Once again I hit the mats with Anna, and with regards to a match report; the less said, the better. Following that warm up, I then hit the mats once again with Red Devil and two new light weight additions to Anna’s fight club. They are feisty, that is for sure!

Here are some screenshots from my roll with Red Devil and the new Female Fight Club Berlin light weights, and me and Anna testing our leg strength. (Poor Anna, she never stood a chance…)


Next morning I returned to the fight club, and Anna presented me with a male opponent to dismantle. How kind! The ultimate gift from a hostess. Anna filmed whilst I put a series of locks, holds and chokes on the struggling male. He put up a fight, but I took care of that. Finally to round everything off, Anna and I did a circuit of strength games. I am sure I won. Click here to purchase Mixny Dominates Fredrick Part I

All fem vs fem, and mixed domination matches , weight training session, and strength games video clips will be available online soon. You can visit my clip store if here if you are a non UK resident. UK residents can visit my custom clip store here.

Also in the meantime you can take a peek at our weight training work out preview below:


Back to Berlin and the Female Fight Club Berlin

I will be returning to Berlin to once again face the legendary Anna Konda. Last time, I made her submit once, and now I want to make her submit far more. I have been in training, and I have another year’s experience under my belt. Following Veve Lane’s recent victory against the might AK, I have a belief that I may now also be able to do the same. I will not let her get the best of me again.

Whilst in Berlin, I will be available for bookings to be held at the Female Fight Club Berlin.

To reserve your match time, email me little.minxy.li@gmail.com.

Here’s a reminder of what happened last time:

When I Met Anna Konda & The Red Devil @ the Female Fightclub Berlin


I recently plucked up my courage to hit the mats with the legendary force named Anna Konda. We can all guess what a challenge it was. Here is a sneak preview of what I went through. If this was not enough, I also took on The Red Devil. She was one determined fighter. I couldn’t even blink without jeopardizing a point.

There may be a surprise or two  in the full length matches, so keep an eye out for the full clips coming soon.