Minxy vs Athena – Pins and Submissions Match

New clip release available from WCCW!

A match between Athena and I, in which we have to attemt to get the most submissions in two timed rounds.

In the producers own words ‘while it wasnt the most impressive style of wrestling it was the most effective in this match as she was able to get the win’. Watch it for yourself.


Minxy December 2015 Newsletter and Travel Updates

Minxy Christmas Greetings

December in Minxy’s World

Coming up this month:

Hey there,

I hope you wrestling fans are all well, and looking forward to some nice days of rest and lots of eating and celebrating with friends and family. I myself am looking forward to some Christmas TV Movies, lots of (gluten free) mince pies and having fun with my nearest and dearest.

Since my last newsletter, I have been back in the gym working hard on my strength following some time out R&R from some injuries. But don’t fear, I have not lost my super powers, I can still lock anyone in a vice like choke.

I had a recent trip to Nice, which is very pleasant indeed. What a beautiful place and what beautiful people. In a week or so, I will be continuing my love affair with France by returning to Paris for more wrestling. French people do love a good wrestle, and so do I! Scroll down to read details of my upcoming Paris trip.

In January I will also be visiting Manchester. It might be freezing cold up there at that time of year, but a good wrestle will warm things up. I will be available in Pippa’s Wrestling Factory and in a private apartment. You can email Pippa L’vinn or myself: info@minxyli.com for bookings.

I am planning lots more trips for the new year, so I may just be coming to a place near you soon. If you would like me to visit your city, drop me a line, and if you are not alone in your request, I will make some plans to visit.

I will be available (with reasonable notice) for sessions over the Christmas and new year period. Fantasy, semi-comp, comp, foot worship, muscle worship, and domination sessions with or without role play and costumes. What is you fancy? Drop me a line and let me know what’s your choice of session.

Travel Plans

I have confirmed trips Paris on the 15-17th December and Manchester 9-11th January 2016. In Paris will be staying in an apartment in the city (arr 17). And Manchester I will be available at Pippa’s Wrestling Factory and a private apartment.

Please email info@minxyli.com to book a session. Costumes/outfits and role play available on request.

I will be available for limited sessions in both locations. I will be happy to do:

  • Custom Clips
  • Domination
  • Fantasy
  • Semi Comp
  • Comp sessions (subject to opponents weight, size, experience)
  • Foot worship
  • Muscle worship

*Please inform me of any outfits I will need to bring with me prior to these dates, otherwise you will have to bring garments with you, or be happy for me to choose from what I have with me.

I request a deposit and reference. Deposit payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.
To book your Paris or Manchester session, email: info@minxy.li.com

Other travel plans to be confirmed. Keep an eye on all session websites ,minxyli.com, and social media for final details.

Last weekend was Venom’s monthly training session at AF UK with a Christmas theme and followed by a very jolly social. I had a thumb war with Anastaxia (she’s super competitive), a trash talk face off with her too (she ran out of words and decided to cheat and begin wrestling). At the end of all the rounds of games, sadly my team were not the winners (I question Venom’s points scoring). As a forfeit, my team had to give the winning team members a horse ride around the studio, whilst the winners drank champagne. However, I did get compensated with a horse ride around the room on Venom’s back. Yey! Don’t miss out on all the fun of training with us. You can join in too by emailing:info@alphafemmesuk.com

September Newsletter and Travel Details

Minxy’s World September 2015
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September in Minxy’s World
Coming up this month:

More wrestling lays ahead for me, both home and away.

This month I will be shooting a pin match wrestling clip with my very first custom clip co-star Miss Louise Kay. It has been a while since I have seen this former Essex girl, and I am looking forward to working with her again.


We will be doing lots of pins to the slow count of 20 and a few classic pro style backbreakers too. Eeek! Take a look at some of the images below. They are a mere selection of the moves which I will be applying, or suffering.

If you would like your very own custom clip featuring Louise Kay and myself or any other available wrestler this month, please email: info@minxyli.com with your script enquiry.

Travel Plans

This month I am taking my wrestling back on the road. I have confirmed trips to Northern Spain and Paris this month. Paris dates are: 24-28 September. I will be staying in a hotel in the city centre close to Opera and Galleries Lafayette, and Villepinte Parc de Espositio.

In Spain (15-18 September), I will be catching up some valuable suntanning time (any excuse to wear a bikini), in Lloret de Mar, which is approx 75 km from Barcelona.

I will be available for limited sessions in both locations. I will be happy to do:

  • Custom Clips
  • Domination
  • Fantasy
  • Semi Comp
  • Comp sessions (subject to opponents weight, size, experience)
  • Foot worship
  • Muscle worship

*Please inform me of any outfits I will need to bring with me prior to these dates, otherwise you will have to bring garments with you, or be happy for me to choose from what I have with me.

Sessions are 230 Euro for one hour, or 150 Euro for 30 mins. Please note I will only be attending 1 hour sessions in Spain. Please do not be offended when I request a deposit and reference. Deposit payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

To book your Paris or Spain session, email: info@minxy.li.com

Other travel plans to be confirmed for October will be Oslo, Norway. Keep an eye on all session websites , minxyli.com, and social media for final details.

In all other news, wrestling sessions and production work are going well. I had some fun at Venom’s monthly training session at AF UK last weekend. We did lots of pummeling with bear hugs and scissor sparring. There are some new girls in the wings and newbies, such as Amethyst Hammerfist, and my good friend Justice. We all got put through our paces, but we were sure to enjoy a deserved drink in a beer garden post training.

This week I will be available for sessions on 11th & 12th. So if you fancy your chances; drop me an email: info@minxyli.com

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*Events* April 2015 – London and Belgium

I have two new event appearances this April (after a little injury rest period).

First one up is Monica’s event on April 4th.

The second event will be in Belgium April 11th, hosted by Anne Hurricane.

See both respective websites, or email for more information.

Monica’s Wrestling Centre Website

Email Anne Hurricaine: annehurricane2000@yahoo.fr

Monica's Event


Anne Huricain event

Monica’s Wrestling Centre Event

Date: 26th July 2014

Place: Contact promoter for venue details.

Fresh from my US travels, I will be participating in Monica’s late summer event. See flyer below for details.

Monicas wrestling event


New Video: Minxy Li Vs Bionic – Pin Wrestling & Muscle Worship

Bionic and I get together for a pin wrestling match with a difference. We are both weightlifting gym ladies, and Bionic is a BB competitor. So we had to do something which would make use of our muscular physiques:

-Each time one of us gains a pin from the other, the person who is pinned must pay a forfeit. The opponent who is pinned must muscle worship the successful opponent.

Hmmm, whom muscle worships whom in this match with a difference?

Click here to download the full HD clip

New Video: Minxy Li vs Amazon Annie – Minxy Li Productions

Amazon Annie and I climb into a wrestling ring for some competitive wrestling. Annie is tall and solid, and I am half her size. But! I have been in this scenario before. Can I handle this Anna by another name… ? Watch to see my choke holds, Annie’s use of her height and weight, and a bag of other techniques.

Download Minxy vs Amazon Annie here

Bondage Tickle Wrestling with Blaze

A little while ago I was introduced to this bondage tickle wrestling malarky (thanks Veve Lane!). So Honey is never one to miss out on a bandwagon, and she jumped right on too.

This custom requested match features myself and Blaze. Decorated in our Karada Corsets for the extra authenticity, (or gratuitous rope tying), Blaze and I hit the mats. Our objective is to wrestle for three rounds. The objective for each round is to successfully tie up our opponent, and then tickle them mercilessly (something I am beginning to get used to these days).

Of course the clip is now available from the LWS video store.

And some photos and stills courtesy of London Wrestling Studio are available right here:

blaze_vs_minxy_bondage05 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage01 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage15 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage13 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage11 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage10 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage08 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage07 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage02 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage04


Minxy with Amazon Annie – Pin Match

All the best film franchises come in threes. So guess how many clips I filmed  with Amazon Annie whilst visiting New York? There was a zentai suit wrestling match, the wild cat lift and carry clip, and a pin wrestling match completes the trilogy.

The concept was simple; both myself and Annie donned our thong leotards and shiny panty hose, then we hit the mats and try to pin each other. Whomever gets the most pins, wins!  This is clearly a battle of David and Goliath proportions. I suffered from foot in face and many other predicaments. To get the whole experience, you can download this clip and others from Amazon Annie’s clipstore.

Don’t forget you can hit the mats with Amazon Annie in the UK 22-29 May, (23-24 London, 25-27 Manchester). Email Annie for more details.

And just to whet your appetite, here are some snaps and stills, courtesy of Doom Maidens Wrestling:

Panthose Pin Wrestling 2 Panthose Pin Wrestling 5 Panthose Pin Wrestling 7 Panthose Pin Wrestling 8 Panthose Pin Wrestling 9 Panthose Pin Wrestling 10 Panthose Pin Wrestling 11 Panthose Pin Wrestling 12 Panthose Pin Wrestling 13 Panthose Pin Wrestling 14 Panthose Pin Wrestling 14 Panthose Pin Wrestling 15 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 1 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 2 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 4 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 6