*March End Special Offer*

Let’s Get Fit for Spring!

As some of you dedicated followers may know, Venom and I will be attending an event in Liege this April. One week before this, I will be participating in Monica’s event. After a long(ish) period of injury recovery, this leaves me somewhat less fit than I used to be. I need a get fit quick fix, and Venom is feeling the same way.


We are asking for your help to train us back to fitness.

For the next fortnight only, Venom and I are running a joint training special offer. Here is how it goes:

We will offer half hour and one hour joint sessions.

£70 for 30 mins of wrestling semi comp with Venom and myself. This will be 15 mins of Venom, followed by 15 mins with myself.

£100 for one hour joint session with Venom and myself. Again as above, 15 mins of Venom and myself alternately for one hour.

For an extra £20 we will let you film the joint session.

*There will be additional days, when I will be happy to do half hour sessions alone when Venom is not available.

Now here is the small print:

The sessions will be held in the AF UK Barnet mat room, or AF UK Grove Park ring (subject to the date). The dates will be limited, (this is more viable for our time and travel costs).

The sessions will be strictly semi comp only. Not fantasy eg, no scissor matches, etc. We need to be able to move and have some challenge, but not full on all out comp. 

Payments will be made in advance via paypal (we will be hiring the room out for a number of hours, we do not want any timewasters). 

We will not haggle on the prices.

This is a great opportunity for you all to have an affordable session with two of the UK’s best known and established wrestlers, while training and helping us to train too. 

For additional information and enquiries, please email me info@minxyli.com or fill in the form below.

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This Could be You!

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*Events* April 2015 – London and Belgium

I have two new event appearances this April (after a little injury rest period).

First one up is Monica’s event on April 4th.

The second event will be in Belgium April 11th, hosted by Anne Hurricane.

See both respective websites, or email for more information.

Monica’s Wrestling Centre Website

Email Anne Hurricaine: annehurricane2000@yahoo.fr

Monica's Event


Anne Huricain event

New Confirmed Travel Dates – Manchester & Hamburg

I will be returning to Manchester on 5th – 7th October. Contact myself (see bottom of page), or Pippa’s Wrestling Factory for bookings.

And I will also be visiting Hamburg for the first time on 30th October – 3rd of November 2014. Email me with enquiries (see bottom of page).

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Zero Hour at Pippa’s Wrestling Factory.

Once again I paid a visit to Pippa’s Wrestling Factory. It was my second visit, but my first event at Pippa’s.

I had a great time. The show was great fun, and I met some more great wrestlers. We had some good laughs and tough matches.

During the show, I wrestled Raven, and then Pippa herself!

Raven was a toughie, but during the match the ref drove me so crazy, I was ready to wrestle him. Next match was with Pippa. It was a thoroughly terrific match. I felt  in absolute awe of the legend. I was smiling all the while, even when she squeezed the life out of me.

Here are some photos of the weekend. I am sure there will be more appearing on Pippa’s website soon..


New Video: Minxy Li Vs Bionic – Pin Wrestling & Muscle Worship

Bionic and I get together for a pin wrestling match with a difference. We are both weightlifting gym ladies, and Bionic is a BB competitor. So we had to do something which would make use of our muscular physiques:

-Each time one of us gains a pin from the other, the person who is pinned must pay a forfeit. The opponent who is pinned must muscle worship the successful opponent.

Hmmm, whom muscle worships whom in this match with a difference?

Click here to download the full HD clip

New Video: Minxy Li vs Amazon Annie – Minxy Li Productions

Amazon Annie and I climb into a wrestling ring for some competitive wrestling. Annie is tall and solid, and I am half her size. But! I have been in this scenario before. Can I handle this Anna by another name… ? Watch to see my choke holds, Annie’s use of her height and weight, and a bag of other techniques.

Download Minxy vs Amazon Annie here

Bondage Tickle Wrestling with Blaze

A little while ago I was introduced to this bondage tickle wrestling malarky (thanks Veve Lane!). So Honey is never one to miss out on a bandwagon, and she jumped right on too.

This custom requested match features myself and Blaze. Decorated in our Karada Corsets for the extra authenticity, (or gratuitous rope tying), Blaze and I hit the mats. Our objective is to wrestle for three rounds. The objective for each round is to successfully tie up our opponent, and then tickle them mercilessly (something I am beginning to get used to these days).

Of course the clip is now available from the LWS video store.

And some photos and stills courtesy of London Wrestling Studio are available right here:

blaze_vs_minxy_bondage05 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage01 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage15 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage13 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage11 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage10 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage08 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage07 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage02 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage04


None of this bullying was acting….

None of this bullying was acting. I love picking on this bloke.

Honey, myself and, some bloke were sitting in the LWS studio waiting on another wrestler to arrive for a shoot. As the other wrestler was running late, and Russ and I were endlessly bickering, Honey suggested that we have a wrestle. The results are available on my clipstore (click here).

And here are some of the screen shots:


Michael Cross ‘An Interview With Minxy’

Sometime back, when Michael Cross was a enthusiastic newbie on the wrestling scene, he approached me ever so politely and requested an interview.  I happily agreed, and this is where our ongoing friendship and banter, along with his social network presence and future interviews began. Here are a couple of choice questions and answers:

How did you get into the sport of wrestling/what attracted you to it?

I work out in the same gym as Samantha (LWS) and I was having a conversation about needing a flexible job to work around my university work. She suggested wrestling. I thought she was crazy, but gave it a go. I loved it so much the first time Honey trained me with Bionic, and I never looked back.

What do your friends/family/partners think of it?

All of the people around me are hugely supportive and proud of me. They love it. I am known for being a liberated person, and this just reminds them more of why they like me as a person.

Click here to read the full interview on Michael’s Blog.


Minxy Turns Mike into ‘Minx Meat’ (making him eat his words and his knee)

Last Friday (7th March 2014), I met blogger Michael Cross once again. This time, instead of watching someone else wipe the floor with him, I was going to clean up!

Here is how he described his experience with me:

‘Within the first five seconds, she grabbed my arm, spun me around and got me in a punishing sleeper hold! Initially I was shocked at the speed of her attack but then I was feeling her grip get tighter and my chances of getting out of it slimmer, so I tapped. This was going to be a long session!

We started up again and I was far more wary and what little genuine confidence I had (as opposed to the false bravado of my Twitter trash talk!) was draining from me. We locked up again and Minxy was just far too strong for me. I ended up pinned and this time an excruciating arm bar had me screaming for mercy.’

Click here to read the full article on Michaels blog.