New Confirmed Travel Dates – Manchester & Hamburg

I will be returning to Manchester on 5th – 7th October. Contact myself (see bottom of page), or Pippa’s Wrestling Factory for bookings.

And I will also be visiting Hamburg for the first time on 30th October – 3rd of November 2014. Email me with enquiries (see bottom of page).

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Zero Hour at Pippa’s Wrestling Factory.

Once again I paid a visit to Pippa’s Wrestling Factory. It was my second visit, but my first event at Pippa’s.

I had a great time. The show was great fun, and I met some more great wrestlers. We had some good laughs and tough matches.

During the show, I wrestled Raven, and then Pippa herself!

Raven was a toughie, but during the match the ref drove me so crazy, I was ready to wrestle him. Next match was with Pippa. It was a thoroughly terrific match. I felt  in absolute awe of the legend. I was smiling all the while, even when she squeezed the life out of me.

Here are some photos of the weekend. I am sure there will be more appearing on Pippa’s website soon..


New Video: Minxy Li vs Amazon Annie – Minxy Li Productions

Amazon Annie and I climb into a wrestling ring for some competitive wrestling. Annie is tall and solid, and I am half her size. But! I have been in this scenario before. Can I handle this Anna by another name… ? Watch to see my choke holds, Annie’s use of her height and weight, and a bag of other techniques.

Download Minxy vs Amazon Annie here

Minxy Visits Pippa’s Wrestling Factory – Manchester

Last bank holiday weekend I took a trip with Amazon Annie up to Manchester, where we were to visit Pippa’s Wrestling Factory.

No prizes for guessing what the weather was like, but the sun was shining in Pippa’s place of wrestling.

Situated in an old factory industrial estate, The Wrestling Factory walls are lined with photo after photo of wrestlers, and poster after poster of events. It was a history of wrestling. I even spied a young Mystique in a corner!

Well our stay was brief, but I managed to squeeze in some wrestling, including some unique ‘chess wrestling’. I lost the game of chess, but won the rounds of wrestling. So equilibrium was restored.

On the bank holiday Monday I met up with Steve from Deadly Femmes. We had great fun shooting a couple of clips. I’m sure my opponent enjoyed being my victim. If he didn’t, I know he definitely enjoyed lacing up my boots prior to filming.

I must say, Pippa has a real treasure trove of costumes and accessories. This meant I could not visit without trying at least one of them on (ooooer!).

Whilst strolling around the town for food, we stumbled across a fab little Pho restaurant in the Chinatown area. It was so good, we had to take photos!

Here are the snaps randomly taken during my visit: