New Video: Minxy Li Vs Bionic – Pin Wrestling & Muscle Worship

Bionic and I get together for a pin wrestling match with a difference. We are both weightlifting gym ladies, and Bionic is a BB competitor. So we had to do something which would make use of our muscular physiques:

-Each time one of us gains a pin from the other, the person who is pinned must pay a forfeit. The opponent who is pinned must muscle worship the successful opponent.

Hmmm, whom muscle worships whom in this match with a difference?

Click here to download the full HD clip

Minxy with Amazon Annie – Pin Match

All the best film franchises come in threes. So guess how many clips I filmed  with Amazon Annie whilst visiting New York? There was a zentai suit wrestling match, the wild cat lift and carry clip, and a pin wrestling match completes the trilogy.

The concept was simple; both myself and Annie donned our thong leotards and shiny panty hose, then we hit the mats and try to pin each other. Whomever gets the most pins, wins!  This is clearly a battle of David and Goliath proportions. I suffered from foot in face and many other predicaments. To get the whole experience, you can download this clip and others from Amazon Annie’s clipstore.

Don’t forget you can hit the mats with Amazon Annie in the UK 22-29 May, (23-24 London, 25-27 Manchester). Email Annie for more details.

And just to whet your appetite, here are some snaps and stills, courtesy of Doom Maidens Wrestling:

Panthose Pin Wrestling 2 Panthose Pin Wrestling 5 Panthose Pin Wrestling 7 Panthose Pin Wrestling 8 Panthose Pin Wrestling 9 Panthose Pin Wrestling 10 Panthose Pin Wrestling 11 Panthose Pin Wrestling 12 Panthose Pin Wrestling 13 Panthose Pin Wrestling 14 Panthose Pin Wrestling 14 Panthose Pin Wrestling 15 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 1 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 2 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 4 Pantyhose Pin Wrestling 6