Bondage Tickle Wrestling with Blaze

A little while ago I was introduced to this bondage tickle wrestling malarky (thanks Veve Lane!). So Honey is never one to miss out on a bandwagon, and she jumped right on too.

This custom requested match features myself and Blaze. Decorated in our Karada Corsets for the extra authenticity, (or gratuitous rope tying), Blaze and I hit the mats. Our objective is to wrestle for three rounds. The objective for each round is to successfully tie up our opponent, and then tickle them mercilessly (something I am beginning to get used to these days).

Of course the clip is now available from the LWS video store.

And some photos and stills courtesy of London Wrestling Studio are available right here:

blaze_vs_minxy_bondage05 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage01 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage15 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage13 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage11 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage10 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage08 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage07 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage02 blaze_vs_minxy_bondage04