Thank You’s & Credits

This page is to acknowledge and thank all the associates, friends, and colleagues who have all helped and contributed to my work along the way:

Big Thank Yous to:

Honey at LWS – for all of her training, support, and friendship.

Ultra Violet – for being a great friend and someone I can always count on.

Marc Avrelieu – for composing a personal piece of music for me.

Venom – a travelling buddy, friend, colleague, and supporter who offers great BJJ tips and encouragement.

Tia  Рfor featuring in my US promo clips without hesitation, and for partnering up with me.

Doom Maidens NYC – they embraced me during my visit to NYC, opened up their home to me, and made it all a great experience. They have also made me feel more than welcome to return any time.

Souf of DBA – a random charity worker who knocked on the studio doors of LWS and let us rope him into participating in a promo video.

Steve Jones – Always ready to answer my grilling questions and give me advice.

Anna Konda РA great fraulein who was a mighty opponent, and now a friend, advisor and supporter. She opened her doors to me, and has left them open for me to walk back through anytime.

DJ of MWU for lining up a heap of work for me, showing me around his home town, and introducing me to Buffalo Wild Wings

Safa Warda – for being a friend from the word go. She took me all over Europe at the drop of a hat, and opened up her home to me in Chi Town. She’s always ready to help and be a buddy.

To be continued as I think of more, and gain more people to whom I give thanks…

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