Minxy vs Bionic Competitive

Minxy and Bionic were both each other’s first training partners at LWS.

Bionic is a female body builder competitor, and Minxy a weight lifting lover. The difference in stature and height is very clear. This match was held 2 years after their first spar. Minxy wanted to see if time had made a difference, and wanted to see how they would fare against each other at this point in time. Both ladies have a strong competitive spirit and both want to show the other who is the best.

Size: 194 mb

Duration: 15 mins

Minxy vs Bionic – Competitive Muscle Worship

A match with a twist. Both Bionic ( a FBB competitor) and Minxy hit the mats for a competitive match. It follows the usual submission points format, but for an extra bit of humiliation/fun, the person who submits must muscle worship their opponent. Watch Bionic worship Minxy’s biceps and calves, and then watch Minxy worship Bionic’s biceps too.

Size: 202 mb

Duration: 13 mins