Minxy & Kristie Etzold vs Headlock Harry

Minxy and wrestling legend Kristie Etzold take on Headlock Harry in Kristie’s garden wrestling ring.

Both ladies are out-sized by the tall and heavy set male opponent. However, Kristie and Minxy are a formidable team. They immediately set about wearing their male opponent down. He is not intimidated and attempts to bring one female down at a time. Featuring many of Kristie’s submission, pro wrestling moves, and Minxy’s locks and holds, Harry suffers from arm bars, figure four chokes, scissors chokes, foot chokes and excessive belly punching. There is no prize for guessing who the victors were.

Size: 134 mb

Duration: 8 mins

Minxy vs Kristie Etzold

Minxy visits Kristie Etzold in Sunny Orange County, LA. They agree to a match in Kristie’s very own back yard wrestling ring.

They begin a friendly match, which takes on a very competitive edge. Both ladies want to be winners and apply the most locks and holds. This match features numerous head scissors, figure four head locks, and some double head scissors. Both wrestlers do not want to be the one to tap. But someone is going to have to be the loser, can Minxy be such a rude guest in her opponents very own back yard? Semi Competitive.

Size: 193 mb

Duration 12 mins