Minxy v Issey Part 1

Minxy is challenged to a competitive match by Berlin wrestling novice Issey.

Issey is  small, inexperienced, but fuelled with determined fighting spirit. Minxy contains and handles Issey with scissors, mounts, and triangle chokes, and ensures they both know who is the more powerful opponent. This is the first half of the match. The second part can be purchased in the minxyli.com clipstore soon.

File Size: 218mb

Duration: 5 mins

Minxy v Uzi Competitive

A short fight with a plenty of submissions. Uzi is a tall strong novice wrestler. Uzi has long strong powerful legs and a determined fighting spirit. She is apprehensive prior to the match, but quickly gets into a fighting frame of mind. Minxy is determined to maintain the domination and not give the game away to Uzi. In what bears the features of a squash match, you can watch the headlocks, chokes and arm locks and Uzi fighting her way through it all.

Size: 244mb

Duration: 5 mins

Minxy v Red Devil 2014 – Part 2

Part 2 of 2 episodes

Continued from part 1: The fight between Minxy and Red Devil continues. Red and Minxy are audibly putting their best efforts in, Minxy gets the dominant position, but can she get the submission? Red gets some holds, but Minxy does her best to escape. The tension continues until the end.

Size 368 mb

Duration: 8 minutes

Minxy v Red Devil 2014 – Part 1

Part 1 of 2 episodes

One year on since the first match between these two strong fighters, Minxy re-visits the Female Fight Club Berlin. Both wrestlers are keen to show each other their progress. Red gets the first submission, and Minxy gets the 2nd. They are an even match and both are as determined and competitive as they were the first time around.

Continued in part 2

Size: 354 mb

Duration: 8 minutes