Venom’s Training School

Venom is holding one of her training classes, and Minxy an enthusiastic pupil is the one attending today. Today’s lesson includes many of Venom’s favourite holds. She has provided a dummy for Minxy to practice on. Minxy is overly enthusiastic, much to the male dummy’s discomfort. Venom gently reminds Minxy to let go, or get off of the dummy once he has tapped, but Minxy is enjoying herself. In the end, Venom decides ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ and so she and Minxy team up to issue a 2 vs 1 domination on their male dummy. Somehow Venom’s classes always end up this way!

Size: 252 mb

Duration: 13 mins

Venom’s House of Pain

Venom shows her guest how many ways she can hurt him and cause him pain. Using lots of POV angles we watch as Venom applies countless locks, locks, holds, chokes, kicks and punches to make the passive masochist suffer. Featuring brutal belly punches, triangle chokes, trampling, foot smothering, and scissor holds.

Size: 754 mb

Duration: 11 mins